Moxile Help


  1. What are the supported math format?

    Moxile use MathJax for built-in math renderer, so all the math expression supported by MathJax should work with Moxile.

  2. How to custom specific element in the document?

    Markdown support embedded HTML element, so you could use style attribute of the HTML element to do that.

For questions those not listed below, you may send mail to for help.

What’s New in Version 3.0.0

New Features

  1. Redesign info panel to statistics panel
  2. Add optional statusbar support (View->show/hide statusbar)
  3. New designed QR Code generator
    1. and add some important functions like configure size and adjusting colors
    2. multiple correction levels select
    3. support save to local disk
    4. builtin share support
  4. New Designed Preferences UI
  5. Add theme compatible ability
    1. add import theme option
    2. import source support XCode themes now
  6. Add support link in the about panel and help menu


  1. editor syntax highlight performance improved by 46%
  2. render performance improved by 79%

Bug Fixes

  1. cursor jump around sometimes
  2. some other bug fixes