• like dtrace
  • aims to supplement the existing suite of Linux monitoring tools
    • by providing users with the infrastructure to trake kernel activities.
    • more deeper
    • more precise
  • takes a compiler-oriented approach to generating instrumentation
  • Flexibility
  • Easy of use

Exec Procedure

  1. Parse Script
  2. Analyze Script
  3. Transalte to C
  4. Compile C into ko
  5. Run & Get Output

Exec Procedure

SystemTap Events

  • Synchronous
    • vfs.file_operation
    • kernel.function(“function”)
    • kernel.trace(“tracepoint”)
    • module(“module”).function(“function”)
  • Asynchronous
    • begin
    • end
      • (milliseconds)
      • (microseconds)
      • timer.ns
      • timer.hz (hertz)
      • timer.jiffies


Tapsets are scripts that form a library of pre-written probes and functions to be used in SystemTap scripts.

Usually under /usr/share/systemtap/tapset/

When a user run a SystemTap script, SystemTap checks the script probe events and handlers against the tapset library, SystemTap then loads the corresponding probes and functions before translating into C.