• Algorithms


    Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs

    by Niklaus Wirth

    There are three different stages in understanding an algorithms:

    • K: known
    • D: wrote code
    • R: <…> times
  • Locks In The Kernel

    Table of Contents

  • fwrite perf issue


    This article addresses an I/O performance issue in glibc caused by buffer.

  • Python Primer


    This article is a bunch of good python programming practices accumulated in working.

    Table of Contents

  • MySQL Primer - Source Code

    This article introduce MySQL source code layouts and internals.

  • Python GIL


    GIL Global Interprete Lock

  • System Administration - Fedora

    Fedora 24

  • Language/Encoding


    In this article we will discuss the merits and demerits of different language/encoding methods.

  • MySQL Primer - Develop Rules


    This article described some basic rules in developing involed with MySQL Server. This is intend to help the developers and sysadms.

  • Performance Tuning - SystemTap


    • like dtrace
    • aims to supplement the existing suite of Linux monitoring tools
      • by providing users with the infrastructure to trake kernel activities.
      • more deeper
      • more precise
    • takes a compiler-oriented approach to generating instrumentation
    • Flexibility
    • Easy of use